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Sunday 25th July 2021


Art Course Offered

Faculty of Arts (B. A.) 3 Year
S.N. Optional Subjects Compulsory Subjects
1. Political Science Gen. Hindi
2. Hindi Lit. Gen. English
3. English Lit. Ele. Computer
4. Sanskrit Lit. Environment Studies
5. Economic  
6. History  
7. Geography  
8. Public Ad.  
9. Drawing  
10. Sociology  
Faculty of Arts (M. A.) 2 Year
S.N. Optional Subjects
1. Political Science
2. Hindi Lit.
3. English Lit.
4. History
5. Geography
M. A. Previous (Political Sci.) 
S.N. Subjects
1. Western Political Thinking
2. Indian Political Thought
3. International Politics
4. Principles and Practices of Public Administration
M.A. Final (Political Sci.) 
S.N. Subjects
1. Modern Political Theory and Comparative  Political 
2. Research Methodology
3. Gandhian Political Theory 
4. Indian Government Political
5. Modern Indian Political Theory
Faculty of Arts M.A. Previous
S.N. Paper
1. Paper-I : Theories, Methods and Vision of History
2. Paper-II: main currents of Mordern World History Upto 1900 A.D.
3. Paper-III: Twentieth Century World (1900-2000 A.D.)
4. Paper- IV: Group-A- Ancint Indian History (Earliest times to C. 200 B.C.)
5. Group-C- Mordern Indian History(A.D 1756-1905)
Faculty of Arts M.A. final
S.N. Optional Paper Compulsory Paper
  Group-A Paper IV : Indain National Movement and Thought
1. Paper I : Ancient Indian History (C 200 B.C. to 750 A.D.) Paper V : Main Trends In the History and Culture of Rajasthan
2. Paper II : Social and Economic Life in Ancient India  
3. Paper III : Religions Of Ancient India  
4. Paper I : Modern Indian History (1905 – 1990 A.D.)  
5. Paper II : Social and Economic Life in modern India  
6. Paper III : Gandhian Thoughts  
M. A. Previous (Hindi) 
Paper Subjects
Paper-I History of Hindi literature
Paper-II Medieval Poetry
Paper-III Literature (Indian and Western)
Paper-IV Hindi prose (novel, story, and other prose genres)
M. A. Final(Hindi) 
Paper Subjects
Paper-I Hindi prose (drama, Essay, and criticism)
Paper-II Ancient and Non-Poetic Poetry
Paper-III Language Science
Paper-IV Modern Poetry
Paper-V Special Studies (Either)

The students of the undergraduate first year / postgraduate period should attach the following certificates themselves:

  1. Secondary examination certificate self-attested copy.
  2. Secondary Examination / Graduate Examination Date Sheet.
  3. Transfer certificate and character certificate (only two character certificates for the student, original certificate)
  4. Scheduled Caste / Tribe / OBC / Disabled Certificate (Self attested copy)
  5. Migration certificate (Not applicable for the students of Hon. Board of Ajmer / Rajathan University)
  6. Voter ID / Ration Card / Driving License / Aadhaar Card (self-attested copy) for authentication of residence.
  7. If there is a gap between the passing of the final examination and the time of admission, give the details and also attach the affidavit verified by the notary public.